INCS global AWARD-2020

INCS global AWARD-2020

“Every day is a good day. There is something to learn, care and celebrate together.”


Say your thought and suggestion PLEASE.

Too much advice and suggestions may dig you into a state of confusion, and that can lead you towards negative and harmful directions. The best initial is to keep in your mind the benefits and demands of the majority than the personal, in that way your decision will fulfil the justice and fairness.
How to NOMINATE and VOTE for INCS global AWARD-2020 ?
Pick and award category and complete the online form to nominate yourself or someone who you think deserves to win.
Then when the voting opens, tell your team and friends to VOTE.

For each category, the THREE nominations with the most votes will go through to a final short list.
Voting will then open again for each category and simply the person with most vote wins.
Remember, there is no judging panel, every AWARD is nominated and voted for by you, so get your team involved, FRIENDS, FAMILY, CUSTOMERS, SUPPLIERS, CULINARY STUDENTS, you can copy and paste the link on your social pages and ask for followers to VOTE too.
Awards ??

Trophy + Certificate + Cash Prize

Last date to send Nomination: 10th November 2020.