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It’s all about getting out there (both on and offline), meeting people who work in your profession or your industry, and building a relationship with them.

The goal of networking is to create a professional network. That means a group of professional contacts you know well enough to call in a favour from and for whom you wouldn’t object doing a favour. Continue Reading

Mentor’s Message

Dear Chef Members,
Corporate Partners, and Friends, warm greetings to you all.

I am honoured by this opportunity to serve as the mentor of the International Nepalese Chefs Society. It is a heavy responsibility and I will do my best.
I will discharge my duties faithfully in the best interest for our members and the Nepalese culinary profession. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you all for your support, good wishes and words of encouragement.

Having worked in the industry since 1983 and whelming different portfolios over the past 37 years. I strongly believe that together with my committee we are able to do greater things and have INCS’s name constantly known to the industry and the world.

As always, we will stand together and support each other. In closing, I would like to personally thank you for everything you have done and will hopefully continue to do for the International Nepalese Chefs Society, the chefs in our group, their families and the people in our large culinary community.

Your support and contributions are always recognised, appreciated an will be remembered.

With Culinary Regards,
Surya Kiran Shrestha
Former Deputy Head of Department, Hotel & Curriculum at NATHM.
M. Phil. at Tribhuwan University and PhD Scholar at faculty of Management of TU

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